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Question about real estate prices data? (Maria Anantharajah)
Please can you tell me if the second table is for 2007 as they both have the same heading. Also can you tell me the units as the numbers are very very different. The first table is very much lower than the second table Average prices of business premises in Ljubljana Table 1: Advertised prices of business premises in Ljubljana (€/m2), June 2008 min max average Offices 666 3.014 1.702 Stores, shops 857 3.056 1.860 Pubs, restaurants 1.333 3.095 2.084 Table 2: Advertised prices of business premises in Ljubljana (€/m2), June 2008 min max average Offices 19.000 1.500.000 412.498 Stores, shops 22.000 700.000 210.084 Pubs, restaurants 40.000 1.850.000 339.976 ... (SLONEP)
Costs of retail space lease in Ljubljana and Maribor? (Romanek)
Dear Sir or Madam I am writing from ARTMAN S.A, clothing company from Poland that is interested in starting its business activity in Slovenia. I would be grateful if you could inform me about average prices of retail space lease especially in shopping centers (malls) in Slovenia (Ljubljana, Maribor). Best regards.... (SLONEP)
Do you have apartment price time-series for all apartments? (Mendel)
I have found your excellent time series on apartment prices in Slovenian. I was however wondering, if you also have just an average price not separated into apartments divided into room.... (SLONEP)
How high is vacancy rate of office real estate in Ljubljana? (M.)
Hi, I'm interested in knowing what is the vacancy rate of office real estate in Ljubljana on a yearly basis? Is this rate any different for modern office buildings, compared to the rest? Thanks!... (SLONEP)
How much office real estate is supplied on Ljubljana's market on yearly basis? (unknown)
Can you please tell me how much of office real estate (in sq. m.) is supplied on Ljubljana's market, on yearly basis? ... (SLONEP)
Are real estate prices expected to grow after accepting euro? (michal)
Is expected that real estate prices will increase after accepting EUR as national currency in Slovenia, if yes can you estimate by how much (in %)?... (SLONEP)
Are prices on your site transaction prices or asked prices? (Steven)
Is it possible to get data on prices/rents within Ljubljana by the area or neighborhood within the city? For apartments or houses or both? Are they transaction prices or asked prices? ... (SLONEP)
Can foreigner get a mortgage in Slovenia? (Andrea)
I would like to ask if there is any bank in Slovenia currently offering mortgages to forigners, when buying property in Slovenia. If so, please let me know which one and what are the conditions? What abut residents, who are living and working in Slovenia for more than 6 months? If not, are there any expectations for begining of 2007 when Slovenia will addapt new EURO currency? Thanks for yur answer . Regards Andrea... (SLONEP)
Costs of farmer land around Novo Mesto (NN)
Could you give us an estimate for the cost of one square meter of land in Slovenia. The land we want to sell is in Novo Mesto, and is used primarily for agriculture or farming. ... (SLONEP)
Procedures for buying realestate in Slovenia (V.)
I am a real estate agent from Prague. I have a buyer for the Slovenian properties. I know nothing about purchase procedures in Slovenia. Could you help me, please?... (SLONEP)
Conditions for buying real estate in Slovenia (D.L.W)
We are British Citizens looking to purchase a holiday home abroad. We have visited Slovenia in the past and as we have found it to be such a beautiful country this would be our first choice of location. Does the 3 year period apply to holiday homes as well as permanent residences?... (SLONEP)
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